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Color Grading & S-Log3.Cine

For an upcoming music video, we shot in Sony’s S-Gamut S-Log3.Cine color space. I’ve posted a quick color treatment, starting with the raw image, then contrast, and finally saturation. The model that volunteered for the video is cut out with a halation (whoa, DP words) from the Source 4, 750 Watt Leko light, positioned on […]

Camera Repair: Fix Your Own Camera

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Why not fix it yourself? Feeling brave? If so, this Do-It-Yourself (DIY) camera repair walkthrough should boost your confidence when it comes to disassembling something expensive. Just over four years have passed since Sony’s initial launch of the Sony FS7 (November, 2014), and if you heavily abuse your camera, chances are it needs a tune up […]

Toguchi Furniture

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Every filmmaker should have a carpentry, wood working, video under their belt. Here is mine.

DIY Diffusion Frame

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Thought It Would Be A Good Story

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We had a lot of fun producing this! Once I have some time, I’ll upload the behind the scene photos and possibly the lighting diagrams I used for the different looks.

Aerial Work: Tiny Planets

So now I’ve been playing around with taking 360 panoramic images. It’s fun, but a ton of work in post, but if you’re used to taking time-lapse sequences, it’s basically the same amount of editing.