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Trapdoors: Music Video

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In the blog’s splash page, there should be a video player with a video ready to play.

Posting Another Test

Testing some new content. Link to Video. Quick idea, how would I get a video player to play as the “featured image”? JRE #790 – Steve Maxwell from JoeRogan on Vimeo.

Sony FS7 HDR Pic

Trolly Lapse

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Cabin Fever

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As part of a weekend challenge hosted by Vimeo, I created this short. The theme was to use slow-motion clips as part of a narrative. Side note: I’m still trying to design the blog section so it doesn’t look like a a failed high school web design project. Apparently this particular theme in wordpress is […]

Animation Loop Post

Construction continues, but at least that GIF I created in Cinema 4D works. XXXX