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PA Wine BTS: Malix Media

(with the fine people at Malix Media) Here is a quick post with a few BTS images and video clips from a recent shoot in Pennsylvania and the greater Philadelphia area. I used both the DJI Inspire 2 and the Mavic Pro 2 for the bulk of the drone footage for this PA Wine shoot.

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Resume, Saynave BTS

This was a fun project. The fine people at MalixMedia (Director Alex Reinhard, Producer Max Morgan) and DP Joe Grasso crafted an interesting concept for this music video. Problem solving is the name of the game. This project presented two unique challenges while working as a gaffer. 1) How do we trigger the air cannon? and 2) How do we rig our lights so the stands and lights are not in the shot? I love tinkering and building diy projects. So when I pitched the team the idea of a confetti cannon that the actor can trigger, they were all in. Confetti Cannon! Behind…

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