Low-Pressure Sodium Vapor Lights

One of the more unique lamps in the lighting game: the low-pressure sodium vapor light You will not find an impressive Color Rendering Index (CRI) or TLCI figure with these style lamps, but that is by design. The low CRI/TLCI rating of 1 is not a flaw, but a feature because these lights are monochromatic. The human eye is the most sensitive to yellow light, which is why these style of lamps still line most high-ways. Low-pressure sodium vapor lamps are commonly used along roadways, since its sodium glow doesn't fatigue driver's eyes.

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Color Grading & S-Log3.Cine

For an upcoming music video, we shot in Sony's S-Gamut S-Log3.Cine color space. I've posted a quick color treatment, starting with the raw image, then contrast, and finally saturation. The model that volunteered for the video is cut out with a halation (whoa, DP words) from the Source 4, 750 Watt Leko light, positioned on the other side of the room (roughly 100 feet away). Update: Here is a link to the office music video --

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Camera Repair: Fix Your Own Camera

Why not fix it yourself? Feeling brave? If so, this Do-It-Yourself (DIY) camera repair walkthrough should boost your confidence when it comes to disassembling something expensive. Just over four years have passed since Sony’s initial launch of the Sony FS7 (November, 2014), and if you heavily abuse your camera, chances are it needs a tune up and possibly the viewfinder has suffered. Maybe you enjoy the convenience of having a pre-built camera, ready for use? If this is true, there is a chance items in your camera bag may knock into the viewfinder’s connection point. Should this happen enough, the video feed to the viewfinder will…

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